Welcome to the Mas de Lafeuillade, a real oasis in the city

Built at the beginning of the 19th century, at the height of the city's prosperity due to the development of wine-growing (the marketing of wines was encouraged by the creation of railway lines), the wine farmhouse extended as far as the banks of the Lez. The estate was then bought by Jean-Baptiste Lafeuillade, a famous opera singer, to whom it owes its name. The story goes that he liked to walk through the vineyards while singing... A true source of inspiration, this place has remained magical. Its unique location in the city, close to the Lez river, always invites reverie and meditation. The softness, harmony and elegance echo the Age of Enlightenment.

In the early 1930s, the estate became the property of the Grasset family, builders from father to son. For eight decades, the family preserved, maintained and embellished this jewel of greenery despite the urban growth of the city, which gradually absorbed the estate without ever annexing it. Today, it is one of the last vast green lungs in the heart of New Montpellier. Thanks to the will of a family that has long protected this place full of memory, the art of living in Montpellier is still alive here.

Today, rediscover the charm and soul of yesteryear by strolling through the magnificent listed park with its French garden and boxwood lanes. Decorated with sculptures of illustrious men, reminders of ancient times, and contemporary works signed by major French artists, the park maintains a privileged relationship with art. Finally, to complete this magical interlude, treat yourself to a gourmet and refined moment by enjoying the terrace of our restaurant in Montpellier.


The Antigone district next to the historic centre is home to neoclassical buildings designed by Ricardo Bofill.


A city with many facets, from its medieval alleys to its new design districts.